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Grow your business faster through customer experience design and a constant improvement mindset.


How it Works

Companies that deliver outstanding customer experiences apply as much rigour in its design as they commit to product development. In doing so, they realize faster revenue growth, lower employee turnover, and skip much of the firefighting high-growth companies suffer through.

Great customer experience programs help companies earn the right to more business from its customers, and the loyalty of its employees. Good companies listen to their customers and make changes to earn loyalty. The greatest build internal alignment, then empower their employees to constantly improve. This is the essence of our customer experience design work. Understand your customers, empower your employees, then build a constant improvement culture.

The design of your companies customer experience could require training interventions, business intelligence, strategic support for market entry, any or all of these are produced during design and delivery.


Customer Experience Design – Leadership Development

Accelerate growth by improving the reliability of your customer experience. Then learn to apply rigour to customer experience innovation.

Sell and Market More Effectively to North American Markets

Close more often and more quickly. Learn how approach, add value and communicate your value proposition, whether your customer is American, British, or Canadian.

Skill Development for Customer Success Teams

Ensure that your teams quickly build an understanding of your customers’ decision making structures and communication preferences, so that projects are delivered on time, and on budget.

Management Development

If communication must be strong to succeed for your business to succeed, your teams need their managers to also be great communicators. Build and grow the strength of those teams by training managers in coaching, team leadership, crucial conversations, and performance management.

Hiring/Succession planning

It is impossible to judge communication skills from a resume, and hard to properly assess those skills during an interview. Ensure that your hiring talent that best fits your team by designing an approach to evaluate the interviewers and the candidates.



Hi there! I’m David McCann, most people call me Dave.

I moved to Bangalore from Toronto in 2016 and decided to put 15 years worth of sales, marketing, training, and customer experience design work to good use in India.


Supporting professional services organisations, retail businesses, and financial services companies, I design and deliver customer strategies that drive faster growth and reduce employee turnover.

With a passion for training (for some reason, I love standing in front of a crowd), and an extensive sales and service experience, I am well positioned to help Indian businesses with their global sales and customer success teams.

Whether your struggle is growth that’s been so fast your organisation is facing growing pains, or you are up against strong competition, I’ll help you understand how to earn more business from your customers using bespoke strategies that your competitor cannot steal. Reach out by phone or email, one free discussion with me usually produces actionable improvement strategies!



David McCann

Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

M: +91 91082 83092 | E: david@bespoke.cx