Hi there! I’m David McCann, most people call me Dave.

I moved to Bangalore from Toronto in 2016 and decided to put 15 years worth of sales, marketing, training, and customer experience design work to good use in India.


Supporting professional services organisations, retail businesses, and financial services companies, I design and deliver customer strategies that drive faster growth and reduce employee turnover.

With a passion for training (for some reason, I love standing in front of a crowd), and an extensive sales and service experience, I am well positioned to help Indian businesses with their global sales and customer success teams.

Whether your struggle is growth that’s been so fast your organisation is facing growing pains, or you are up against strong competition, I’ll help you understand how to earn more business from your customers using bespoke strategies that your competitor cannot steal. Reach out by phone or email, one free discussion with me usually produces actionable improvement strategies!